Dropbox upload

As a client, you can upload your accounting documents (purchase and sales documents and bank statements) for processing on this page. Preferably use CHROME as your browser.

Please enter below the name of your company limited to 25 characters and your e-mail address as well as the period e.g. Q1,Q2 for quarterly providers or January, February for monthly providers and the year. Your file should be uploaded as PDF or TIFF format (preferably TIFF) .

Purchase invoices and sales invoices and/or bank statements should be uploaded in separate files(batches).

Please note that the files maximum 20 MB may amount to for security reasons.

<TIP>: Create 1 file (pdf or tiff) per type (e.g. purchases, sales or bank) per period and do not use 'special' characters in your naming such as "/" or "-". 


Note : After charging with percentage 100% you will see following icon :  This serves only to remove the just-charged file from transmission and in no way indicates a charging problem.

Dropbox Upload

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    Accepted file types: pdf, tif, tiff, Max. file size: 20 MB.

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